The University of Aberdeen practices the crime against humanity of apartheid. The evidence of blanket obstruction of justice is published here on Abertheid Law (formerly Caprica Law).

I've been working on an article entitled "GNU C-Graph" for Wikipedia. The article, which presents a snapshot of the events and evidence at the centre of my complaint against the University's policy of apartheid in the section "Theft Apartheid and Obstruction of Justice", was deleted on 3 April 2013 by Wikipedia's administrators. Their primary complaint was not about Wikipedia's definition of "reliable sources" "verifiability" or "definition of published". Instead, their criteria for "speedy deletion" stated that "[the] article appears to be an advertisement" "serv[ing] only to promote an entity, person or product".

    1. Given that all Wikipedia's articles on software promote their products, is the administrators' real problem that the article publicizes the fact that a black woman is the author of the work?

    2. Does the article present any conflicts with Wikipedia's policies?

    3. Was the deletion contrary to Wikipedia's policies?

    4. Were the Wikipedia administrators responsible for (and supportive of) the deletion coached by the defendants?

    5. Are these administrators agents of the defendants?

    6. Was the deletion commissioned to assist perpetration of the ongoing international criminal transaction of apartheid and its cover-up?

See the evidence of their racial abuse of administrative privileges in discussions at Wikipedia. View the draft "GNU C-Graph" article below, and download from the bottom of this page.

I was in the process of inserting further citations from secondary sources when the Wikipedia editors deleted the article from their mainspace on 3 April 2013. On 4 April 2013, they also deleted the amended copy in my userspace, effectively concealing the newly included secondary sources, falsely claiming the article was an "attack" page. The administrators gave the appearance of not being competent to make sense of basic concepts in law such as theft, forgery, fraud, and apartheid, referring to the claim of apartheid as a "boogeyman" claim. Their threat to block me for "a good long time" exposed not only racial animus, but the motive for the deletion - to conceal evidence of the University's practice of apartheid from the public.

The article presents an overview of the case of apartheid for the purposes of this site. I shall complete the editing and insertion of citations/references, then upload the updated copy here in a few days.

With the continuing interference to my internet services orchestrated by the defendants, it's been difficult to display a proper copy of the draft article "GNU C-Graph" on this page. Also, Google sites may have a bug pertaining to insertion of documents. The display below is defective, but I'll try to reformat and upload again as time permits. For a better view, use the odt source file to experiment with Wikipedia's sandbox, or open the pdf or html versions.